CHBC Statement on Governor Newsom’s Major Climate Initiative for Zero Emission Vehicles

SACARMENTO – September 28, 2020 – The California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) believes Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order N-79-20 underscores the importance of hydrogen electric fuel cells to the future of mobility in California. The Executive Order is California’s latest action to combat climate change by requiring new car and drayage truck sales be zero emission beginning in 2035. The Governor announced his order in the wake of a devastating wildfire season that has thus far consumed 3.6 million acres.
“As the world’s fifth largest economy, California has tremendous buying power to leverage and accelerate the commercialization of zero emission transportation solutions,” said Bill Zobel, CHBC Executive Director. “Fuel cell electric vehicles are an excellent zero emission personal transportation option for Californians and provide greater choice for consumers and businesses weighing their zero emission vehicle options. FCEVs provide exceptional range, fast and convenient refueling and added consumer flexibility, in particular for people without the option of installing home charging units, or those who live in multi-unit housing and with street side parking. Commercial fleets will also benefit from zero emission fuel cell electric trucks, as the operating characteristics align well with fleet requirements. Fuel cell powered electric trucks provide extended range, suffer no weight penalty, and refuel very quickly”.
“CHBC looks forward to working with the Governor, CARB and CEC to achieve the state’s ambitious goals to combat the climate crisis with zero emission fuel cells electric vehicles,” Zobel added.
This policy continues the state’s status as a world pioneer for zero emissions vehicle deployment, creating a market driver for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and therefore necessitating the creation of hydrogen station incentives and deployment. The CHBC will continue to work with the Governor, state agencies and legislature to ensure the necessary resources are available to support consumer adoption of ZEVs and build the required refueling infrastructure.

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