Public Transport Sector Action Group

The Public Transport Sector Action Group advocates and supports deployment of hydrogen fueled public transport vehicles. The key objectives of the Public Transport SAG are to increase Fuel Cell Electric Bus awareness and education towards transit agencies, de-mystification of hydrogen infrastructure, secure funding over next 3 years for hydrogen powered public transport.

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Fuel Cell Electric Buses have emerged as a one-for-one replacement (e.g. gradeability, highway speeds, fueling time and range) for conventional diesel and CNG buses over all types of transit routes, but with zero tailpipe emissions. Hydrogen produced from renewable sources like solar, wind and biogas ensures full carbon neutrality from a well-to-wheels perspective and significantly reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As a result, Fuel Cell Electric Buses can make the biggest impact on the health-related effects of poor air quality in disadvantaged communities. Learn more about FCEB’s for your community >>

Fuel Cell Electric Bus Deployment in California. Map and data >>