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CHBC Releases White Paper "Power-To-Gas: The Case for Hydrogen"

On July 30, 2015, the CHBC relesed their White Paper "Power-To-Gas: The Case for Hydrogen." Please find the paper at this link >>. We welcome your comments and feedback over the next two weeks (until August 15) via email in advance of full release planned for the third week in August.


Summary of Key Findings: 


  • Power-to-Gas(P2G) provides unique storage functionality, offering a modular solution with long-duration storage capability and rapid response characteristics suitable to a variety of grid support functions
  • The economic and environmental benefits of P2G technology can be maximized by tariffs and market structures that recognize storage use cases that convert energy from one form to another and that may store and later use energy at different locations
  • Water consumption in the electrolysis process is modest and will not contribute significantly to overall water demand even at high levels of penetration; the water is recoverable in some use cases
  • Viewed as a combination fuel production system and grid resource, P2G can produce hydrogen at costs that are in line with DOE long term hydrogen fuel cost targets and the grid-related benefits reduce overall cost by nearly 25% in the case analyzed
  • P2G as an electricity-to-electricity storage resource uses the existing natural gas system to deliver electrolyzer produced hydrogen blends or synthetic methane to existing electrical generation resources. In this configuration the cost of storage can be as low as $0.07/kWh (based on output energy net of conversion losses)
  • P2G can provide the lowest cost solution for large scale, long term energy storage and provides benefits to all sectors of the energy industry.
  • More detailed modeling of P2G economics under high renewable penetration is ongoing and will be published later in the year

Thank you for your comments. We look forward to discussing this paper with many of you at our California Hydrogen Fuel Cell Summit >> on September 30 - October 1, 2015 in Sacramento, CA.


New Member Spotlight

Bethlehem Hydrogen Inc. (BHI): A hydrogen technology company offering a wide range of products for use within the refueling infrastructure at customer sites all over the nation. With in-house expertise ensuring the safe handling of cryogenic and high pressure gaseous hydrogen, BHI offers turn-key solutions through its design, manufacturing and field installation capabilities.


Hydrogen In Motion (H2M) is developing mobile hydrogen storage tanks and will deliver these tanks to owners of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for them to use with their hydrogen fuel equipment or vehicles.


E4 Strategic Solutions provides its clients with real solutions to complex environmental and energy issues based on nearly 75 years of experience working in both the government and private sector. E4 Strategic Solutions is unique in the sense that it understands, and knows how to work with regulatory agencies, elected officials, and the Executive Branch at the local, state and federal level. E4 Strategic Solutions has proven problem solvers that know how to leverage opportunities and advocate effectively for its clients. Their commitment is to develop and deliver the best solutions to address client needs.


McPhy Energy is a pioneer in hydrogen production from water electrolysis and hydrogen storage using metal hydrides. Integrating these technologies into product platforms, McPhy Energy is addressing the needs of customers worldwide in the mobility, industrial and power to gas markets.  They have one the largest power-to-gas installation in the world in Germany. With operations in France, Italy, and Germany and presence in Asia, Americas, Russia and Middle East, McPhy Energy is prepared to service the needs of customers worldwide.


The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is the nation’s sixth-largest community-owned electric service provider, and has been providing low-cost, reliable electricity for more than 65 years to Sacramento County (and small adjoining portions of Placer and Yolo Counties). SMUD is a recognized industry leader and award winner for its innovative energy efficiency programs, renewable power technologies, and for its sustainable solutions for a healthier environment. SMUD is the first large California utility to receive more than 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources.


Swagelok is a $1.8 billion, privately-held company. Headquartered in Solon, Ohio, U.S.A., Swagelok Company is a global developer and provider of high-quality and reliable fluid system solutions including products, assemblies and services for the research, instrumentation, process, oil and gas, power, petrochemical, alternative fuels, and semiconductor industries. Its manufacturing, research, technical support and distribution facilities support a global network of more than 200 authorized sales and service centers offering support in more than 70 countries.


CTE is a member-based non-profit, non-governmental organization, and brings people together to advance clean, sustainable, innovative transportation and energy technologies. Since its start in 1993, CTE has managed a portfolio of over $290 million in team research, development, and demonstration projects. They’ve helped over 200 US companies move their technologies into the global energy and transportation mainstream and have also moved the needle through public awareness campaigns, educational programming, market research, and commuter behavior studies.
H2 Logic A/S is a leading manufacturer of H2Station® hydrogen refueling stations that provides fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles today.

California is where hydrogen gets down to business. And the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) is the vital link between hydrogen-technology developers, businesses, energy leaders, government, and infrastructure providers. A 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, members share a common vision of clean energy and transportation fueled by hydrogen. Please check this site for information on meetings and membership, hydrogen headlines and e-news archives.

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