Comments on the CPUC Proposed Decision Adopting Wireless Provider Resiliency Strategies

On July 1, the CHBC submitted comments to the CPUC on the Proposed Decision Adopting Wireless Provider Resiliency Strategies. The CHBC expressed disappointment that the decision continues to allow use of polluting diesel generators while doing nothing to encourage use of zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell backup generators to ensure that critical services, including telecommunication, remain resilient and reliable 24/7/365 without emitting criteria air pollutants or air toxics. The following points were provided:

  1. Hydrogen fuel cells are more reliable than diesel generators.
  2. Multiple refueling pathways make hydrogen fuel cells a practical option for emergency backup generation.
  3. Hydrogen fuel cells are the obvious choice over diesel generators to protect the environment and public health.
  4. Hydrogen fuel cells have a long, successful track record in the telecommunications industry.

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