Strategic Communications Committee

Mission Statement
To provide information, resources, communication tools and events that will educate stakeholders and elevate awareness of the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells.
The Education and Outreach Committee works in support of the following main objectives:
  • E&O Committee to work with staff to implement activities, obtain outside funding support to strengthen CHBC’s efforts and help plan CHBC meetings and events. 
  • Conduct quarterly Committee meetings and all-hands calls for members.
  • Member-led development of the set of CHBC messages for use by CHBC, members and affiliates.
  • Explore ways in which CHBC can help companies develop market opportunities through its E&O activities.
  • Continue to work with NGOs and affiliates to seek their help in communicating CHBC messages, policy positions and analysis.
  • Associate CHBC and help develop hydrogen component at other CA events.
  • Further develop relationships with utilities and IOUs.
  • Identify events of interest to CHBC members and co-locate CHBC activities or provide agenda support,  recommend speakers.

2016 Update

The Education and Outreach Committee will be strengthened in 2016 to be the advisory group to help staff plan the semiannual CHBC Summits. With Bob Desautels from EPC as Chair, a vice chair will be selected.

Added to this Committee’s responsibilities will be guiding staff and Board leadership in assessing the need for broad public education to assist in the launch of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in 2016 and beyond, as well as other market sectors. This Committee will lead the CHBC discussion of what, if anything, the CHBC should do in this broad area, with input from each of the market sector SAGs.

The 2016 Spring Summit will be aligned with GNA’s ACT Conference and Expo, May 2-5, 2016 in Long Beach, with a Board meeting around this event as well. GNA and staff have articulated a vision in which CHBC’s Summit has a significant emphasis on goods movement and clean ports, and the ACT Conference has a CHBC keynote talk on the vision and status of hydrogen and fuel cells across market sectors, and a CHBC side session providing an update on the status of hydrogen and fuel cell markets and products. CHBC member discounts and participation in sponsorship will be considered.

The 2016 California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit will be planned for Sacramento in the fall. It has proven to provide a unique opportunity for business leaders to engage with policy makers, among an audience of international players. Staff will continue to make this a broad meeting of value to all members, while it also goes deep in the newest market sectors for CHBC deep engagement. Staff will explore with potential sponsors and exhibitors, including the agencies, whether it is feasible to hold the event at a venue that would allow for a bigger event with a technology exhibition, at a hotel or the Sacramento Convention Center. It may be time that the CHBC provide an event with a similar agenda and also the opportunity for government officials and staff to see and “kick the tires” of the products being offered, and to talk one on one with business representatives. With the normally accessible and cost effective networking event that the CHBC conducts, it will also expand the opportunity for B-to-B discussions.

The array of VIP Lunches and Technology Tours will be continued, with staff attempting to serve all market sectors and a variety of agency leadership.

Monthly newsletters, website updates and announcements of events and new members will continue.

Specific Actions

  • Provide advice for Summit planning and to consider the need for a broader, deeper public education campaign
  • Conduct quarterly all-hands calls that, with the Summits, other events and newsletter, actively keep members up-to-date on CHBC activities
  • Create an event or otherwise participate in National Hydrogen Day in October, 2016
  • Evaluate with Committee members, the Board and industry and government stakeholders, the state of public awareness of hydrogen and fuel cells, the vision and the reality, and consider whether the CHBC should help create, or support a public education initiative
  • Hold one VIP Luncheon broadly in support of public education
Formed in 2012, the Education and Outreach Committee was tasked with identifying low cost high value efforts to educate customers, policymakers, investors, media and other stakeholders on the facts related to hydrogen energy and fuel cells. The committee works to develop or connect parties to information resources that advance the level of knowledge and interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, products and markets.  Additionally, the committee helps guide the organization’s development of educational resources and outreach strategies and implements all hands calls for the entire membership, identifies materials and resources for website development and provides input on hydrogen information materials.

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