TTC - Go Local: Maximizing Your Local Renewable Resources With Fuel Cells

Go Local: Maximizing Your Local Renewable Resources With Fuel Cells

August 16th, 2011 9:00 AM   through   10:00 AM

WHEN: August 16, 2011, noon - 1 ET
COST: Free
Every area of the U.S. has natural resources that local leaders can use to trim costs, create jobs, and reduce greenhouse gases by using the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells. Learn how municipalities are using digesters, solar, wind, and other local, renewable resources, in conjunction with fuel cells. Discover how to put these programs to work in your region.
Lewis Nelson - Director of Public Works, City of Tulare
The city of Tulare, California has installed four 300 kW biogas fuel cells, using 500,000-600,000 scf of biogas per day, produced from the anaerobic digestion of industrial wastewater from cheese and ice cream plants. This 1.2 MW fuel cell project is one of the largest biogas fuel cell installations at a wastewater treatment plant.
Chris Peeples - Director, AC Transit
Chris will discuss how AC Transit's solar electrolyzer produces hydrogen to fuel vehicles in their fleet.
Amy Christopherson Bolten - Public Information Officer, Sonoma County Water Agency
Farms to Fuel is an innovative biomass project which will utilize poultry waste to produce clean biogas and electricity. Aside from generating clean power this project supports local agriculture and creates a sustained source of green collar jobs.

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