Benefits of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The key benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells include:

  • Potential to be more than two times more efficient than traditional combustion technologies
  • Lower green house gas emmissions during vehicle operation
  • Operate quietly
  • Fewer moving parts and so lower chance of malfunction
  • Well-suited to a variety of applications (bulding power, vehicle power, etc)
  • Can be used in conjunction with solar and wind energy technologies for energy storage
  • Reduces dependence on petroleum imports as hydrogen can be domestically produced from various sources
  • Lower emmisions of particulate polutants from vehicle exhaust
  • No NOx emmissions
  • Essentially a limitess supply of hydrogen from combination of sources (water, natural gas, etc)
  • Using renewable energy such as solar or wind with electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen eliminates carbon dioxide emmissions over the entire production and usage cycle, meaning no net carbon dioxide emmission

What does this all really mean?

This means that hydrogen fuel cells as an energy source are more sustainable than its gasoline and fossil-fueled counterparts. An overall reduction in carbon and other harmful and unwanted emmissions nation and world-wide; leading to a healthier environment and populus. Additionally, the use of fuel cells for energy storage allows for the seemless transition of energy within the power grid in the event of a power station failure or a black-out situation. An overall reduction of dependence on foreign energy imports which will boost the domestic economy in the long term. 


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